DH Internship Program

Our internship program is a 3-month long commitment where you’ll get hands on experience working alongside the DH Team. You will be a part of our day-to-day operations and will be working right across The Gallery at Lewis & Carroll. With the guidance and mentorship of our team, you will take the initiative on projects, participate in events, and network with other people in the fashion industry.

Job Scope

  • Visual Merchandising Planning to display The Gallery’s merchandise for sale. This includes assessing customer traffic patterns and the attractiveness of various items for sale, with attention to new merchandise that needs to be displayed as well as sales promotions and marketing campaigns.
  • Event Coordinator Understanding the requirement for DH Group’s upcoming events. Planning the event with attention to financial and time constraints.
  • Marketing Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities, including but not limited to social media, direct mail and web. Prepare promotional presentations and help distribute marketing materials.


Part-time Commit 15-25 hours per week
Full-time Commit 30-40 hours per week

What you will get out of this

  • A big picture view of both offline and online retail business.
  • Introduction to digital marketing, including but not limited to Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Network to other people in Indonesia’s fashion industry.
  • Possibility to continue working in DH Group full-time.
  • A greater sense of professionalism through working in an office environment.
  • A completed project by the end of the internship that you can walk away with and show future recruiters what you’ve accomplished.
  • Performance feedback at the end of the internship.

How to apply

Send your resume to contact@dresshaus.com with the subject “[INTERNSHIP] *Your Name*” along with why you’d love to work for DH Group, and we’ll go from there. You can also fill in the form here.